Shinobi Kai Kenjutsu

Shinobi Kai Kenjutsu
1129 Inland Road, Chesapeake, VA. 23322

Editor, Antonio LaMotta:

War can be won by supremacy in land, sea and air conflicts (jointly), not terrorism. Terrorism can only win a lot of enemies.

"There is no such thing as a modern or classic kenjutsu!" Miyamoto Musashi

Announcement (3/28/2018):

We are now offering one week seminars on Kenjutsu at the Yorktown, Virginia's Shorin Ryu Shorinkan.

The cost (1200 USD) will include training and lodgings.  Call for more details (757) 377-3887
Antonio Paredes LaMotta

Shinobi Kai (Nin Kai) is the name that was bestowed by Tadashi Yamashita, to honor the school founded by Antonio LaMotta on September 18, 1993. Trademarks and copyrights were filed in the City of Virginia Beach, Virginia shortly therein. Its aim was to implement an advanced study and practice of Matayoshi Kobudo/Kenjutsu (White Crane Techniques), culminating into the break-through and understanding of its methodology and philosophy in the fall of 1993. Following this, advanced group of students of Shorin Ryu and Matayoshi Kobudo (Nin-Kai) formed as one in dedication to the study and practice of the Yamashita's Sui Ken Weapons' Systems. "Techniques flowing continuously, like a waterfall" antonio lamotta.

" It's nice to see a lot more sword competitions in tournaments. Twenty years ago I was shunned by most kobudo competitors. Some have never seen a bladed entry in their tournaments before, much less the double-swords. I have never owned an iai-to, I only use live blades - apparently, there were more than enough well informed officials there to have allowed me to compete (East Coast). After all, Kobudo means: the ways of the ancient warriors (and that doesn't exclude the swords). The return was no less than standing ovations, and the more surprise I was - the louder it gotten. Its comeback is certainly here - the fencing is here, but we're still far from the Way of the Sword. I wish you well in your journey on the path of bushido."


"I have undertaken this long journey, because I knew deep in my heart that I could accomplish it. Even if I would have failed I would certainly cherish the experience of the path bestowed herein. I thank the lord for the strength and skills that he had lent me and I thank the men and women that have supported me throughout the length of this journey. Behold, here is the proof: wisdom, strength and compassion - the agony and victory - unbeatable technique and admonition - rise of the East and dawn of the West - the one soul of the Pen and the Sword, constituted and embodied by us few. We happy few".
I came - I saw - I conquered a friend imprisoned as a stone by a gorgeous ritual - free him.

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  1. hi can i ask you a question? I also have a blog so you can reply on that or to my e-mail but i was watching a movie the other day and i saw a sword technique being used, and i could not figure out what it is called. i know i had heard of it befor but it escaped my mind. so here is a link to a clip in which the move is used. the moved is used between four minutes 20 seconds and 4 minutes 26 seconds. thanks again :)